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React Workshop – Content Preview

Are you wondering what will you learn in the React 101 and React Workshop online courses?

Here is a sneak peak of the two demos, that we will build step by step using React.js.

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React Workshop Preview

And here are the links to the demos mentioned in the video:

Currency Converter

React Currency Converter

In this React Currency Converter demo you will learn:

  • how to load data from JSON object
  • how to loop through data and render dynamic components
  • how to use React state to update the necessary parts of your app
  • and much more.


Real Estate Property Listings

React Google Maps

In this React Google Maps demo you will learn:

  • how to render dynamic list based on a JSON object
  • how to render and update Google maps
  • how to filter through data and update state based on multiple filters
  • and much more.



What do you think about these React demos? Do you have any questions related to the upcoming React 101 and React Workshop courses? Let me know in the comments.

32 thoughts on “React Workshop – Content Preview

  1. Fitzgerald Adams

    Hi Petr you’re a great teacher, looking forward to the course. Will you be including anything on React Native at a later date?

  2. Mauro Nappolini

    Hi Petr,

    Amazing stuff. Do you have an idea when you will be releasing the workshop.

    Many thanks


      1. Mauro Nappolini

        Everything and anything that will help me find a front end dev role and be able to contribute to the team from day one. Thanks

  3. shah

    I never use React but I am familiar with AngularJS. What about the viewers like me how is nit familiar with React?

  4. Gijs de Lange

    The demo projects seem very promising, looking forward to the 101 and workshop!

    Oh, and just black coffee for me 🙂

  5. Richard Chu

    I hope you will have examples in your premium version to demonstrate how GSAP can work in, there are just not enough examples out there, even on GSAP forum.

  6. indu shakhar Arora

    hi Mr. petr i want to learn React and java script oop please help i indu shakhar arora from delhi

  7. Daniel

    Im really exited for this workshop

    By chance the map of real estate will have the ability to refresh the markers each time that the map is dragged ?


  8. Pedro

    Ihatetomatoes has the best free content for learning modern Web Development, specifically React in this case. Eagerly looking forward to this! Great teacher, fantastic tutorials.


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