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A Collection of Useful Extensions for VSCode

Are you switching to VSCode and looking for some useful extensions? Below is a collection of my favorite VSCode extensions.

Html Tag Wrap

This extension lets you select a word, sentence or multiple lines and wrap selection in a specified html tag (Alt + W or Option + W).

Html Tag Wrap

Install htmltagwrap for VSCode

React.js code snippets

If you are working with React.js you will find these snippets very useful.

rcc will create React class component skeleton, rsc will create React stateless component and much more.

React.js code snippets

Install React.js code snippets

Npm Intellisense and Path Intellisense

When working with React.js you end up importing other modules very often. The following two extensions will save you a lot of time by autocompleting your import statements.

Npm Intellisense

Npm Intellisense autocompletes npm modules in import statements and Path Intellisense autocompletes filenames.

Git Blame

Git Blame will add a git blame information to the status bar. This helps you to quickly see who made the last changes to the working file and who to blame for the messy code:)

Git Blame

Install Git Blame

Git History

If you need to see even more detailed history of commits, Git History is your best friend.

Git History

Install Git History


One of the most useful extensions from this list is Bookmarks. It lets you to create a bookmark anywhere in your files (ctrl+alt+k or cmd+option+k) and then quickly jump between bookmarks by pressing cmd+option+j or cmd+option+l.

Very handy especially if you are working with long files and need to jump to the right sections of your code.

Bookmarks for VSCode

Install Bookmarks

Sublime Text Keymap

If you are migrating from Sublime Text, this extension will make your favorite Sublime Text shortcuts available in VSCode.

Sublime Text Keymap for VSCode

Install Sublime Text Keymap

HTML Class Suggestions

This VSCode extension will add code completion suggestions to HTML class attributes based on the CSS files in your workspace.

HTML Class Suggestions for VSCode

Install HTML Class Suggestions

Open in Browser

I am not sure why this is not build-in functionality of VSCode, but this extension lets you open your html files in the browser.

Open in Browser for VSCode

Install Open in Browser

SVG Viewer

If you want to preview your SVG images and icons directly in VSCode, install this extension.

SVG Viewer

Install SVG Viewer


Not the most frequently used extension, but sometimes it is very handy to be able to create a random number, address or phone number.

Random for VSCode

Install Random

BEM Expand

BEM Expand lets you expand your BEM classes in HTMl and JSX files.

BEM Expand for VSCode

Install BEM Expand

Auto Close Tag

Automatically close your html and xml tags like Visual Studio or Sublime Text does.

Auto Close Tag

Install Auto Close Tag

Auto Rename Tag

This extension will auto rename both opening and closing html or xml tags for you.

Auto Rename Tag

Install Auto Rename Tag


This extension will align your code like in Sublime Text 3 Alignment Package.


Install Alignment


Are you using VSCode? What some of your favorite extensions? Let me know in the comments.

And if you need even more extensions check out some more useful extensions post by Valerii IatskoAwesome VSCode

Note: all images are courtesy of the extension authors.

11 thoughts on “A Collection of Useful Extensions for VSCode

  1. Samiullah Khan

    Until we have enhanced scrollbar or minimap, best way to deal with large code especially when you are digging through the 10k codebase, the “bookmarks” plugin is the only choice.

  2. Mohammad Hamza

    Alignment (align your code) really helpful.

    What about white spaces? Any good extension to remove extra space.

  3. Kha tran

    Nice! I also recommend Projects Manager plugin for fast project switching. Vscode icon is cool too. Happy coding

  4. CK

    Found the Paste and Indent plugin after long search. If you’re coming from SublimeText and miss the cmd+shift+v keybinding. (aka paste with formatting or indenting).


  5. Dennis

    Thanks so much for sharing these extensions! Vscode is such a great program, but I am always looking for new additions and upgrades! The Bookmarks extension is definitely one of the most useful! Using free ftp software can be a great way to supplement Vscode


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