GreenSock Snippets for VSCode

GreenSock Snippets for VSCode

Greensock Snippets for VSCode are now available for you to instal.

If you are like me, you want to have VSCode snippets extension for every language that you use.

This saves you time typing, speeds up your workflow and prevents you from making unnecessary syntax errors.

If you are keen on GreenSock Animation Platform you can now enjoy brand new GreenSock Snippets for VSCode.

What you will get

GreenSock Snippets for VSCode

Autocompletion for .to, .from, .fromTo, .set, import and timeline syntax.

Install GSAP Snippets

Let me know in the comments if I have missed some other snippets that should be also included.

The source code is on Github, feel free to contribute to it

2 thoughts on “GreenSock Snippets for VSCode

  1. Paul

    Hi Petr,

    Thanks for sharing this! I am trying to get it working in VSCode, but it won’t finish the autocomplete. If I type ‘’ for instance, and then hit tab, it will just cycle through other gsap functions, instead of entering the snippet.

    Any ideas? I’ve tried disabling all my other extensions to make sure something else wasn’t interfering, and no dice.



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