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This just made my day

Today I hit a big milestone and wanted to show you how it all started.

Thanks for being a part of the journey, I really appreciate you.

You Are The Best

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37 thoughts on “This just made my day

  1. Niloy Sarker

    wow, Thanks for letting us knowing how the ihatetomatoes logo was made and Congratulation ! 🙂

  2. Viraj Trivedi

    Congratulations Petr !!! One can see the dedication You put in every Video. This is just a by product of that.

    Keep on Making these Cool Videos.
    Keep Beautifying the Web.

    BTW, Can I have dat T shirt…

  3. Steve

    Petr, congratulations on the milestone and thanks for sharing. I know many of us are walking the start-up journey and the success of each, is in a small way the success of all.

  4. Dharmendra Sharma

    Hey!!! Congratulation on hit a big milestone, and I enjoy your journey.

    All the best for future ahead. ☺

  5. Omar Zeidan


    I always love the way you presenting yourself and ideas. Its very creative and smart to keep in touch with your audience and show them how much valuable they are for your own good.

    Its also very inspirational and a good push for someone who have nothing but likes to start growing up.

    Wish you all the best, and always looking forward to learn from you.


  6. Matteo Forcellini

    Nothing is impossible unless you think it is..my best congratulations and a big hug!
    Ciao Matteo from Ravenna – Italy

  7. nejmeddine jemmeli

    Thank you I learned a lot from you , untill now I open your skrollr course when i have a project using it for parallax or animations .

  8. joaquin

    great man..you and your work is great and awesome.
    thank you for share and teaching part of your knowledge with simple humans like us.
    its serial moment to watching you begin and become a master.
    for the moment, me, a simple human,try to understand your scrollmagic and beginning to work.

  9. Kari Newhouse

    Congrats Petr! Some of the best front end development videos I’ve ever seen. I am always eager to see what you have coming out next. Thanks for doing what you do!

  10. Norman Dubois

    You definetely deserve a lot more followers!
    You’re the best!
    Thanks for the hard work, it’s amazing and I’m enjoying every video & blog post you do!

    You’re amazing!

      1. Norman Dubois

        You’re welcome Petr!
        That’s cool 🙂
        I’m happy to support you!

        Many greetings back to Melbourne 🙂


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