August Giveaway

August Giveaway – Enter To Win Ihatetomatoes T-Shirt

It is my birthday in August and as a way to thank you for your long term support I want to give away 3 Ihatetomatoes t-shirts.

I hope YOU are the lucky one to win it.

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I know I said the winners will be announced tomorrow, but you have to wait until the giveaway is over in 5 days.

Good luck!

Win one of 3 Ihatetomatoes t-shirts, enter to win.

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227 thoughts on “August Giveaway – Enter To Win Ihatetomatoes T-Shirt

    1. adrinho c

      Hi Petr,
      happy birthday Petr! I would like to get your 3 courses because i have no job atm.New Investors decided to fire the whole team besides of 3 or 4 people (1 backend guy, sales persons), so i need your 3 courses to update my knowledge and next monday is my birthday :). Lion Power i would say argghhhh :D! Please Petr :)!

      Have a really nice day!

        1. adrinho c

          Petr i hope so. It’s sad when you’re not guilty and you put so much effort with the whole team (120%) and you’re getting fired from one day to another. I’m looking forward and i’m sure that i will find a job where ich can grow with the company together and work there for a very very long time. You’re welcome. Lions are the best :D! Thanks man, appreciate that.

  1. Sharkes Monken

    well basically am a newbie and i have been trying hard to catch up with new web technologies and your channel on youtube really helped me a lot trying to understand the fundamental of web concept. My favorite video’s on your channel are the ones you always breakdown most sites into simple chunks and make it easier for your viewers to understand the site build up.

    As a loyal subscriber i would love to have one of “ihatetomatoes” tshirts since you help a lot of people out here πŸ™‚

  2. Dan

    I want a shirt because 1. today’s my birthday 2. I love your content and 3. if that logo isn’t a conversation starter, I don’t know what is.

  3. Patryk Smakosz

    I would love to spread the word about you in this t-shirt but I’m already doing that anyway πŸ˜€

    You are the only reason I’m still coding ! I hated it, now I can’t have enough!

    I still have a lot to learn from you. But thanks to you I also found more people like you!

  4. Damjan Markovič

    Man I would just love to get the T-Shirt because I kinda fell in love with front end development because of your tutorials. You’re great, keep it up!

  5. David

    Hey Petr!

    remember me? Last time, i posted a comment on your Youtube channel, that you inspires me, and I am young web-developer. If you do, let me know ANY way, iΒ΄d LOVE to talk with you, or get into contact …

    Now, Why I want The t-shirt?

    I am subscribing To you for a LONG LONG TIME. at first.. Second, I an so happy, that CZECH, same nationality person went that far… And iΒ΄d love to follow the same path as you did, to become front-end developer too. So iT will be honor to actually have one of those three t-shirt, i would be so proud to spread web-development across the school, so everyone could see, that i am developer too, and refer them to your site and chanell, and tell them, that you are the one, who taught me so, so lot.

    Yeah, so that is why i want it, i think it is great to have that BIG oportunity to get it, thanks for chance!

    Good luck!

    Dave πŸ˜‰

    1. Petr Tichy Post author

      Thanks Dave, greetings to Czech! It’s great to hear that my content is helping to become a better developer. Keep it up and good luck in the giveaway.

  6. michael versak

    I used to hate tomatoes, but they’re growing on me lately. I’d love a shirt to support this site… One of the few coding sites I still follow!

  7. Tom Studer

    Honestly Petr … I ❀ Tomatoes as much as your videos. Keep up the great content. I would proudly wear your tee!

  8. Sean Weas

    Excited at the chance of winning one of your super-high-quality courses – and I would love to rock that T

  9. Fee Alvi

    I need a t-shirt so that the public can identify me as someone now addicted to tweening thanks to you Petr.

  10. Niloy Sarker

    why I want t-shirt?
    -well I want the tshirt because I need to showcase it in my room
    and show it to my developer friends πŸ™‚

    If i win I wish I dress up it but you said you have s/m size.
    and my size is L/xl πŸ™

  11. Andre R

    I want a shirt because I’m a self teaching programmer and I want to show everyone who gave me the tools I needed to make projects that’ll land me my first dev job. Plus everybody knows I hate tomatoes -__-

  12. Randy

    Ihatetomatoes gear would be the best piece of web development clothing in my collection! I definitely would wear it every week!!!

  13. John Drach

    I would love to win the Greenock workshop but I fear I have drank to many margaritas to fully understand how to enter to win. I hope this post is sufficient

    1. Petr Tichy Post author

      You are in John, all you had to do is to click the link in the email from me. This comment is just a bonus entry to win one of the t-shirts. Good luck!

  14. Shane

    Happy birthday Petr! Hope it is/was a great one. I always look forward to new stuff from you. Cheers to another year!

  15. Tom Grow

    I’d really like the shirt… I’d really, REALLY like a course. I’m vegetarian but I don’t love tomatoes. (Hate is such a strong word.) I’d really like a course, because I want to learn to include animation, etc. in my UI as well as in general on my sites. (Gratuitously. Like way too much.)

  16. Kent Stairley

    I want a t shirt because my daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, Petr’s instructions are great (no, they really are and I’m not just saying that) and I want to show my kids that being geeky is cool and they hate tomatoes. But I confess, I actually love fresh tomatoes (sorry all).

  17. KarenW

    Glad that I’ve came across this site a year ago and totally love all the tutorials you have published in here.
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

  18. Patricia

    I’m a reader of your blog for quite a long time. (Amazed of your works!) And ofcourse, your advice regarding front end development that I can actually use on my work. (I am currently a Junior web developer) But, I am new with greensock and scrollmagic because I thought it was really hard to learn. Thanks to your tutorials and courses, I am now enjoying it and continuing to learn new things about it.

    I would like to have your shirt because I want something that can motivate me and inspire me more from someone I look up for.

    Happy Birthday Petr!

  19. Anjaneyulu

    Hey Petr,
    I wish you many more happy returns of the day. i realy like your cources very much, i hope i will learn more in future also. yes i need a t-shirt to show my all web developers.

    1. Petr Tichy Post author

      πŸ˜€ well, good luck Anjaneyulu, let’s hope you’ll get it so you can show it to your team! Thanks for your support, really appreciate it.

  20. Edwin

    Happy birthday Peter Tichy, the guy who hates tomatoes!! Also the guy who got me hooked on Greensocks animation. Thanks for great content on animation. Your kids are cute…

  21. Emmanuel Ulloa

    I don’t want the T-Shirts (I’m in Costa Rica anyways). But I want the courses! Wonderful-full-of-knowledge courses!

  22. Mufaddal

    Hi petr,
    Happy birthday,

    I subscribed one of the course earlier and always wanted to have ihatetomato tshirt.

  23. Janitha Rajapaksha

    Happy Birthday Petr, you are an inspiration to all front-end developers.

    Best wishes from Sri Lanka ( :

  24. violacase

    I think you are a smart and nice guy. You really are a great addition for the web development community. I already follow you on GSAP forum and Youtube.

    Happy birthday!

  25. Ali Ziabary

    Dear Petr,

    Happy Birthday!
    I have got all your courses. I truly appreciate the generosity you have sharing all these valuable information with us. I am a programmer myself and I know when someone really intend to teach all up and down about the work. It would have taken me months to figure out all about good things that you simply teach and share with us in your courses.

    Thank you,
    Keep up the good work.

  26. giacomo tantalocco

    I start learning Gsap by following the available free courses on your website. I wish to really thanks you for that.
    Happy Birthday man!

  27. Linho

    Great competition from a great developer. I really like your Videos, please continue making them! And btw, I have tomatoes, too. Winning a shirt and course would be awesome.


  28. Motasim

    Hi Petr,

    Happy Birthday!

    Your tutorials are awesome for learning scroll animations, keep up the good work.

    Have a great day.

  29. alejandro mur

    T-shirts are like knowledge, the must be shared! It’s very nice when someone says, “hey, ur t-shirts looks great” and you can tell that a guy from Hawaii/Moscow/Kosrae gave it to you as a gift and you gave to him one from your own. So if I win a t-shirt I’ll send to you one mine πŸ˜€

  30. Manuel

    Hi Petr,

    All the best for your birthday!
    I always enjoy to follow your tutorials and deconstructing videos.


  31. Anthony Devine

    Happy birthday dude. It was my Birthday last week too, feeling old.

    Your courses are awesome, hope I win…


  32. Maral

    Happy birthday Petr
    I’m following you for a while now, and i participate to your giveaway !
    Have a great day !

  33. Vasily Fesik

    Happy Birthday Petr!
    You’re doing great job, your tutorials are awesome, your deconstructions are inspiring!
    I wish you all the best!

  34. Robert

    Let’s play to win… I ❀ not only tomatoes but your videos about web animation as well. Keep up the awesome work creating more and more tutorials on this topic. By the way, I would be so glad to wear na ihatetomatoes T-Shirt! too. Last but not least: Happy Birthday Petr!

    πŸŽ‰ Cheers,
    Robert from Hungary, European Union

  35. Sadegh

    Hi Petr happy Birthday
    I wish you a good day and always be healthy and make us free training πŸ˜˜πŸ˜…β˜Ί

  36. Mary Grooteman

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthdaaaaay…… happy birthday to you!
    (I will have mine in two days and love tomatoe-sandwich with sugar)
    Love your tutorials!

  37. Marijana

    Hello Petr!

    Recently I’ve watched your free tutorial on ScrollMagic because I’m doing a web animation for my graduation thesis project. Since I’m still a student (and students are poor πŸ™‚ ) I would really like to get this tutorials so I can get the project on another level.

    You have a great way of sharing a knowledge keep it up! πŸ™‚

  38. Basileus

    Happy birthday Petr!

    Unique tutorials for scrollmagic and greensock. Thanks for all the knowledges that you share!!

  39. Gustavo Modena

    I Hate Tomatoes is one of the best sites that talk about animations, the GreenSock library is impressive and I’m learning a lot with your texts and videos. Would be nice to have a t-shirt.

  40. chepK

    Hey Thx Petr for this joying moment, mostly rare to receive this kind of invitation in my mail box, nothing to sale, nothing to request me, just sharing your birthday πŸ˜‰

  41. Jared R Clark

    I want this shirt because without ihatetomatoes I would still be talking about a crazy animation library that I have no clue how to use! Thanks Petr!

  42. Amit Bhadale

    Hello Petr sir,
    love and lots of birthday wishes from India. I also want to become developer like you. so, I am entering to your giveaways, and i would love to win courses.
    Thanks and wish you happy birthday again. waiting for new courses.


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