React Workshop Giveaway

React Workshop Launch + Giveaway

After 2 months of hard work, I am very excited to finally launch the brand new React Workshop.

React Workshop Preview

Checkout the Property Listings, ABC Quiz and Head To Head pages for more details. Or get all 3 of these projects in the React Workshop.

Limited Time Offer

Signup for the React Workshop and you will get the popular Animation Combo completely gratis. Don’t miss out!

Go to React Workshop


To celebrate the launch, I am also giving away the brand new React Workshop to 5 lucky individuals! Choose your favorite way to enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

66 thoughts on “React Workshop Launch + Giveaway

  1. Alpha Ogilo

    The react workshop projects seem dope…..I believe they will be as good as the greensock workshop that i bought from you. Keep up the good work Petr

  2. Churchill O Aboge

    Really excited about this. Hope there is a few sessions on themes. I have been having a nightmare ensuring I have a mobile friendly layout complete with sidebar and transitions.

  3. Jim Patton

    I’m really excited about the Property Listings tutorial. The final app created with the tutorial has a fully-fledged look and feel to it that I am very interested in.

  4. Neil

    The property listing one looks pretty interesting to me, just looks cool to me. The last one looks pretty interesting too.

  5. Jonathan

    Well, I recently finished the Udacity front-end development nanodegree and my last project was a google maps restaurant listing implementation. The property list project sounds like the perfect Segway to learn React πŸ‘Œ

  6. David Jumeau

    Ah, Sorry Petr, I left some comments on the Youtube channel. Basically,

    What is the recommended practice in configuring an IDE for React development.

    Are you going to discuss combining GSAP animations with React? Or is that some other topic?

  7. Omar

    Hi, Petr. Nice to see you again with a new course. Can’t wait to start!

    I’m very interested in the real state project it looks cool and there is something I’ve never learned before (react integration with google maps).


  8. Gerry Ong

    Looking forward to all projects but liking the Head to Head one the most because it brings together a lot of what makes up a React app πŸ™‚

  9. Ruman

    Been following your tutorials since the the your webpack youtube videos. I did my bachelor’s thesis on JS build system, and your course helped a lot. Now hoping to be one of the lucky one to get the giveaways…..!!

  10. Elzette

    Whilst I think all of them are great and would love to use features of all of them, the property listing I would probably find use for first. I do custom WordPress themes and I can see that being very useful for a feature in a theme.

  11. Ruman

    Part 2 of the comment.

    I haven’t touched the tutorials because of work commitment. Defo will give my comment as soon as I start doing the projects

  12. Jay Wilson Jr.

    This course looks awesome Petr!

    I’m looking forward to the Real Estate app most because I build apps in that space with Ionic. I would like to be able to do the same with React Native, and this is a good step in that direction.


  13. Daniel

    The third project is the most interesting because it has “advanced” stuff.

    Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  14. Rodolfo

    It is difficult to chose just one, Im between the Property listing and the head to head, could be cool to apply maybe some Material Design instead of Bootstrap πŸ˜€

  15. Phillip L. Drake

    I like the Head to Head project the most because I could use more experience in React Router and Firebase. Looking forward to winning!

  16. Dawn

    Hi! Which blog post project do I like the most? I must say the Donald Trump hair deconstruction one. I am an embarrassed American, this is great! Actually, my favorite “post” of all are your two YouTube videos with video links for absolute beginners before doing any React tutorials — thank you for the beginner love! Beginners read:

    1. How to Set up React Development Environment Easily:

    2. Super Beginner Learnings to Do Before I01 Tutorial:

  17. Jerry Yan

    The first project is the most exciting for me. Google Maps + React I really like the functionality of this project.

  18. Giu

    Nice!!! I know React it’s very trendy right now, but I love to see many courses out there and yours look pretty cool! Really interested in the “The Property Listing” project.


  19. KD

    That property listing app looks dope! May be the next tutorial could be about how you make things look so cool and beautiful (: Cheers!

  20. Peter Phan

    Oh holy cow !!! I’ve been waiting for this workshop. You’ve got everything I need to advance my knowledge about React. I want to learn how to implement Firebase into an app so Head to Head is the one I’m looking for right now. Great job Petr ! Love what you’re doing

  21. Nhat Nghiem

    It’s great when you release the react course for us. I really love the ABC Quiz because it’s really useful for me to create the English lesson quiz in the future.

    Thanks for your course.

  22. faisal

    I started following you from the greensock workshop. I hope the react workshop projects are same as that. Keep up the good work Petr
    Very impressive!

  23. Tony Tin Nguyen

    I like all React – Property Listings because it’s doing something with google map which I’m researching on. After the React for Beginner, this is an absolute course to take on.

  24. zissis vassos

    ABC quiz project looks great, im already thinking of ways i can use it!!

    Thanks for your course’s in general !!

  25. Rob

    I think I would select the ABC Quiz. It looks like it might be the simplest and a good place to start my journey for learning React.

  26. Nand

    I like property listing app project very much. I like it because I integrate my wordpress development, still only based on jquery based property listing in the worpdresss themes/plugins.

  27. Lee Adamson

    The property listings tutorial looks fairly intense, looks like a great project to really get to grips with React so that it can be used for other projects.


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