Happy New Year - GreenSock SVG Animation

Happy New Year – GreenSock SVG Animation

What happens when you mix GreenSock, SVG and a match? Find out in the following demo:


What do you think about the demo? Let me know in the comments.

The Making of Happy New Year

Thank You

Thank You!

The demo might be the only thing why you are here, but if you care a tiny bit about this blog, please read on.

I would like to simply thank you for being here.

All your visits, comments, likes, tweets, watched videos and signups helped to shape up the content of this blog.

And even if you just like to read or watch quietly from a distance, I still want to thank you.

You are awesome too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the GreenSock, Skrollr, ScrollMagic and SVG articles, tutorials and demos.

Special Thanks

Thank You!

If you’ve signed up to any of my courses, you have helped to keep this blog alive.

You rock, you’re awesome and I can’t thank you enough.

Thanks for your support!

What’s coming in 2016?

Happy New Year - GreenSock SVG Animation

Hm, that’s a good question, I have a few things lined up, but it’s completely up to you.

All the questions received from you are behind the content of this blog.

You ask, I create. Simple.

Is there anything specific you would like to see on this blog in 2016?

Leave your suggestions and questions in the comments below and you will be surprised when reading a tutorial exclusively created to help you with YOUR struggles.

Happy New Year

Petr Tichy - Front-end Developer - Melbourne

Enjoy the last few days of the year, I am going offline to recharge the batteries.

Happy New Year and I hope that 2016 will be the best year ever for you, your clients and your family!

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4 thoughts on “Happy New Year – GreenSock SVG Animation

  1. Norman Dubois

    Hi Petr,

    this demo is awesome and i really liked the making video of of it!!! 🙂

    Thank you so much for your amazing content, your help, your tutorials and your cheerfulness in every video, periscope and twitter conversation!
    You’re one of the most inspiring people in this industry!!

    Thanks so much, you’re awesome!!

    Maybe you could do some scrollmagic tutorials?
    I’m really interested in doing some parallax animation with it.
    Also canvas animation tutorial would be cool.

    Thanks again Petr!
    I wish you and your family a happy new year and all the best for 2016!

    Norman 🙂

  2. Asif Hussain

    The demo is awesome and I really love the way that you making this an endless loop. Again thanks so much Petr


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