Waaark.com - Website Deconstruction

Waaark.com – Website Deconstruction

The brand new Waaark.com website from the very talented team at Waaark Studio contains some very bold transitions, gentle micro-interactions and playful UI animations.

Here is a quick video deconstructing some of the effects, transitions and animations.

What Do You Think About Waaark.com?

What are your thoughts on the visual effects on this site? Thumbs up or down? Let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Waaark.com – Website Deconstruction

  1. David Olaboye

    Great work, am have issues with these animations, cause it does work well on phone opera mini, hw to do one solve these problems?

  2. SBee

    I love this website! It has such an engaging sense of discovery and playfulness. Thank you for your exploring this-


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