GreenSock Workshop + Skrollr Combo Bonus!

Finally the wait is over!

The GreenSock Workshop is now available for you to sign up.

GreenSock Tutorials

One of the projects we’ll be building is an SVG GreenSock Lab.

We’ll go through every step from exporting from Illustrator, optimizing, embedding and animating this quite complex SVG illustration.

I loved creating this demo and I am confident you’ll have fun too. Check it out.

Visit GreenSock Tutorials to see the SVG Lab project live.

Early Bird Bonuses

Limited Time – Early Bird Offer – Sign Up Today

Limited Time – Early Bird Offer – Sign Up Today

Have you been thinking about signing up to the Skrollr Combo for a while? Today is the perfect day to get it together with the brand new GreenSock Workshop.

Limited time only!

Free Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the 5 lucky winners – Melissa, Murray, Steve, Fred and Luis! You will receive a free access to the brand new GreenSock Workshop and will get an access to more than 8hrs of GreenSock Tutorials.

Why 5 and not only 3 winners?

After seeing the number of entries, I’ve decided to reward 2 more lucky entries and increase the number of giveaways to 5.

If you haven’t won this time, I hope we are still friends 🙂


Do you have any questions about the new GreenSock Workshop? Let me know in the comments below.

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