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GreenSock Workshop – Coming Soon!

After the success of Parallax Scrolling Master Class and Skrollr Workshop, I am very excited to announce that I am about to start to work on a brand new online course.

This time we’ll dive into the world of JavaScript animations with GreenSock in the GreenSock Workshop.

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Here’s what you can expect.

The Class Overview

Learn GreenSock Animation Platform API

The GreenSock Workshop is a collection of short video tutorials from the guy who hates tomatoes but loves front-end development.

It is designed to help you learn the GreenSock Animation Platform API in a series of hands on, step by step demos based on a real world examples.

If you want to skill up or you genuinely love web animations, this course is right for you.

Video Speak Peak

The Main Focus

Learn how to use TweenLite, TimelineLite, TimelineMax and TweenMax to create a unique interactive websites and animations.

Who Is This Course For?

The GreenSock Workshop is for anyone who feels excited about looking at the latest award winning websites and wondering how some of these effects were created.

It is for designers and developers who don’t want to fall behind and want to keep up with the latest hot trend on the web – HTML5 animations.

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GreenSock Workshop Coming Soon - take a survey.

What Will You Learn?

  • GreenSock API explained in simple step by step demos.
  • A variety of transitions, 2D and 3D effects.
  • How to be creative with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and CSS3 animations.
  • How to animate SVGs using GreenSock.
  • How to use GreenSock’s callbacks and advanced timeline nesting.

How Will You Learn?

  • Through a series of blog posts with 7–15min short videos.
  • Step by step easy to follow tutorials.
  • Code examples taken apart.
  • Download and explore all source files.

Who Will Teach You In This Course?

Petr Tichy

Petr Tichy (@ihatetomatoes) is the creator of many interactive websites using GreenSock such as Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy and SVG Christmas. Petr is the author of many popular tutorials for front-end developers and designers.

Questions Or Feedback

Do you have any questions regarding this upcoming GreenSock Workshop? Let me know in the comments below or complete this survey.

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