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CSS and JavaScript Animations on the web

The Guide to Scrolling Animation Libraries

Do you wanted to finally dive into scrolling animations and share your story or product in a more interactive and engaging way?

Are you confused which parallax scrolling library is the right for you and your project?

Are you drowning in the sea of all the options available?

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Happy Birthday Game Boy

Happy Birthday Game Boy

Today is a special day. Special day for my good old friend Game Boy.

On the 21st April 1989, Game Boy from Nintendo was released in Japan and was bundled with an iconic puzzle game Tetris.

To pay tribute to this legendary console and game, here is my 2014 variation.

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Brazil 2014 - World Cup Schedule

World Cup Schedule – Work In Progress

If you’ve read my bio, you know that if I am not writing tutorials or spending time with my kids I am most likely playing, coaching or watching soccer.

With this years world cup just a few month away I have decided to create a little pocket size world cup schedule.

Instead of downloading a pdf or zooming into ugly tables, I wanted to create something which would just fit into my iPhone.

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Web Development

Happy holidays

I would like to take a minute and thank all my clients and YOU all my valuable readers for being a part of this amazing journey. You all made the 2013 a very special one.

I hope you enjoyed some of my posts, and a big thank you for leaving a comment or sharing on social networks. It makes a big difference and helps to create a better community of curious web developers and designers. A community where we learn by doing and where we share what we learn. This ultimately helps us to create a better websites for our clients and customers.

And now to the fun part of this festive season.

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