Happy Birthday Game Boy

Happy Birthday Game Boy

Today is a special day. Special day for my good old friend Game Boy.

On the 21st April 1989, Game Boy from Nintendo was released in Japan and was bundled with an iconic puzzle game Tetris.

To pay tribute to this legendary console and game, here is my 2014 variation.

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Technical details

If you are curious about how this scrolling site was created, here are some interesting facts about the page:


What do you think about this legendary game console and it’s 2014 variation?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Parallax Scrolling Master Class

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Game Boy

  1. Mike

    I was so surprised (and pleased!) to see this show up in my Javascript RSS feed! This is an incredible display of scrolling effects, and such a thoughtful tribute to a technological icon. Bravo!

  2. CFX

    Very smooth Petr, this is so well put together and it looks amazing!

    Looking forward to a YouTube series on this to go alongside your invaluable Skrollr/Christmallax videos.


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