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The Making Of Merry Christmallax

Are you curious about how we’ve build the Merry Christmallax campaign page? After a huge success around the globe I have decided to create and share “The making of Merry Christmallax”.

Download it now

Code examples and screencasts
You can find related code examples and screencasts in the Merry Christmallax deconstruction.

What you will learn:

  • How did we come up with the idea?
  • How did the process from PSD to the browser look like?
  • Which plugins we’ve used and why?
  • How did we work out the right timing and positioning?
  • Why the site is not responsive or mobile optimised?
  • What were the results of this campaign?
  • You will also receive a special bonus.

It will also help you to…

  • make a better decisions when creating your parallax website.
  • have precise control over your scrolling animations.
  • save a lot of time on your next project.
  • design better for a parallax scrolling websites.

Parallax Scrolling Master Class

Parallax Scrolling Master Class

5 thoughts on “The Making Of Merry Christmallax

  1. Chen

    The book is quiet useful. I can’t agree more on focus on desktop first instead of fully responsive if the audience is mainly from desktop. Otherwise we may never ship it.
    But I expect more hands on step to step tutorial on how the site was coded, and what do you think is most important things to learn to make a site of the day.

    1. Petr Tichy Post author

      Hi Chen, thanks for the feedback. I will be adding more hands on tutorials in the coming weeks.

      My tip for making a site of the day is to create something which stands out in some way and uses current hot trends.

      Stay tuned for the tutorials and code examples.


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