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Happy holidays

I would like to take a minute and thank all my clients and YOU all my valuable readers for being a part of this amazing journey. You all made the 2013 a very special one.

I hope you enjoyed some of my posts, and a big thank you for leaving a comment or sharing on social networks. It makes a big difference and helps to create a better community of curious web developers and designers. A community where we learn by doing and where we share what we learn. This ultimately helps us to create a better websites for our clients and customers.

And now to the fun part of this festive season.

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How to create a parallax scrolling website

Parallax Scrolling Effect using Skrollr.js

I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of parallax websites, but it looks like it’s still a very popular effect for web designers. On my recent project for one of my clients, I was asked to create a simple parallax effect on the home page and actually quite enjoyed playing around with different settings and effects.

Today I’d like to share with you a simple demo of a few parallax effects created using Skrollr.js.

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