Increase personal productivity with Remember The Milk

Increase Your Personal Productivity With Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a powerful to-do list application which can dramatically increase your personal productivity.

I did look at RTM a few years ago together with a number of similar to-do list applications and after a few months of trying different apps I got back to RTM and have been using it for the past two years.

RTM features for personal productivity

Today it is one of my most used applications across devices and has been a huge part of my personal productivity.

Finding the right tool takes time and I don’t expect all of you to start using RTM today. I just want to share with you, how RTM helped me to increase my personal productivity.

Adding tasks by email

If you are like me and receiving daily a lot of emails, than you will love this feature.

It lets you create a task by simply forwarding or sending an email to a unique email address.

RTM than takes the subject of the email and creates a task in you default list.

The beauty is that you can change the subject to something more descriptive such as “Reply to John” and use Smart Add syntax to add another properties of the task.

The content of the email will be attached in the task note.

“Reply to John ^tomorrow @office #work” will create a task in the “work” list and will remind you tomorrow when you get to your office.

Emails are one of the biggest enemies of personal productivity and RTM helps you to quickly turn them into a list of actions and reminders.

iPhone/iPad applications

I won’t be laying to you, the web interface deserves some redesign.

It has been in the current state for some time and there are number of other better looking to-do list applications.

But the recent updates to the iPhone and iPad apps brought a fresh and modern design to slowly ageing platform.

Both iPhone and iPad apps have a great card layout design and using the apps is really intuitive and fun.

Pro Account

To get the most out of RTM you will need a pro account.

25$/year will get you unlimited sync between devices and app for your favourite device – Android, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry 10.

It will also enable push notifications and reminders on your device.


Whether you are a team manager, small business owner or a CEO of a big company, chances are that you need to stay on top of many things.

Having an effective process in creating tasks is the key to your maximum productivity. If your current to-do list is not working for you, I would highly recommend giving RTM a go.

Are you in love with another to-do list application? Let me know which app makes you more productive in the comments below.

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