Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy Deconstructed

Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy Deconstructed

Are you curious to know how was the Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy scrolling site created? Have a look under the hood of this popular scrolling website.

Why Super SuperScrollorama

Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy Deconstructed

Currently there is a battle between Skrollr and ScrollMagic when it comes to scrolling animations, but this project was created using SuperScrollorama.


At the time of the development SuperScrollorama was the most powerful scrolling library out there.

In this deconstruction you can learn which details I’ve paid attention to and how were some of the scrolling animations created.

We’ll also deconstruct the preloading animation and some other Greensock tweens used on the project.


What is your favorite scrolling animation library? And how would you approach a similar project for your clients?

Let me know in the comments below.

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