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Master web animations with GreenSock, ScrollMagic and Skrollr.

Jacob Gibellini

I have previously taken several of Petr’s courses and achieved great results. Love the clear explanations and professionally edited videos.

5 stars

Jacob Gibellini
Ian Webster

Anyone who wants to understand Skrollr should do both the Master class and the Skrollr Workshop. Money well spent!

5 stars

Ian Webster
Maxime Rabot

Lot of fun following the GreenSock Workshop. Hope you will prepare more for the future.

5 stars

Maxime Rabot

Petr Tichy -

I have been using GreenSock on my interactive projects for several years now. To be able to focus on the creative coding instead of cross-browser issues is priceless.


GreenSock is ultra high-performance, professional-grade animation platform for the modern web used on more than 65% of award winning websites.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Watch the first 5 course videos and if you are not completely satisfied, you can enjoy my 14 days 100% money back guarantee. Simply contact me for a prompt refund.

The presentation and timing are fantastic. Highly recommended and excellent value for money.

5 starsMartin Milizia

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GreenSock Combo

Master GreenSock and ScrollMagic.



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  • Access to ScrollMagic Workshop
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Animation Combo

All my animation courses.



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  • Access to Skrollr Combo
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Master Combo

React Workshop + Animation Combo



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Animation Combo


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Get access to all my currently available courses valued at $328.00.

Includes access to:

  • [NEW] ScrollMagic Workshop ($97)
  • GreenSock Workshop ($97)
  • Parallax Scrolling Master Class ($67)
  • Skrollr Workshop ($67)

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Have a few questions? No worries.

Can I download the videos and watch them offline?

No, video files are not available for downloads. You need to be online and logged in to my site to be able to follow these courses.

Do I need GreenSock Club membership?

No, you don’t need the paid GreenSock club membership. We will mostly cover the free GreenSock tools such as TweenLite, TweenMax, TimelineLite and TimelineMax. We will only use 2 premium plugins at the end of ScrollMagic Workshop, to give you a taste of what you can get by signing up to GreenSock Club membership.

Why should I learn GreenSock and ScrollMagic?

ScrollMagic is by far the most commonly used scrolling animation library and together with GreenSock gives you an unlimited power and creative freedom. Mastering ScrollMagic and GreenSock will enable you to create your unique animation concepts from scratch without any headaches.

What software do I need to complete these workshops?

All you need is a code editor (I am using Sublime Text). You can download the starting files and follow me step-by-step from start to finish of each project. SVG files are also available for download. You do not need to have Illustrator or Sketch installed.

What if I sign up and find out it's not for me?

You are covered by my 14 days money back guarantee. If you are not thrilled after watching the first 5 videos, you can enjoy my 100% money back guarantee. Simply contact me for prompt refund of the full purchase price.

I have another question!

For any other questions use the Get In Touch form or hit me up on Twitter @ihatetomatoes.

Do you want to master JavaScript animations?

Here is what others think about
web animation courses from Petr.

5 stars
By Ahmed Mosaad

Before I sign up, I knew that the premium courses would be super helpful since the free ones already helped me a lot.

This is really a next level type of courses!

I finished the first project “Projects Gallery” within only 24 hours and I was able to do some tweaks on my own after it. This was just the start!

I’ll be taking all of the other courses on this site as I’m sure it’ll qualify me to master web animation.

Just sign up to his free basic courses and you’ll see how awesome website you’ll be able to build. And of course, you’ll sign up for the premium courses after. You’ll HAVE to!

5 stars
By Tim Randall

Fantastic courses. Far better than any I’ve taken from any of the big online schools. I’ve never had such a positive experience with any online classes, at any price.

5 stars
By Geoff Denslow

I don’t usually enjoy learning by video but Petr’s examples (in ScrollMagic Workshop) are fun and easy to follow. The presentation and timing are fantastic. Highly recommended and excellent value for money.

5 stars
By Simon Vrachliotis

The GreenSock Workshop will take your GSAP chops to the next level! A well deserved 5 stars to this amazing workshop.

5 stars
By Matt Lord

The ScrollMagic Workshop is fantastic.

The first two modules are quick, easy to digest, and full of ‘a-ha’ moments.

The third and final course is very advanced, and if you’re new to the wonders of greensock/scrollmagic/js like me, you may have to watch it a few times, but stick with it!

This is the most rewarding frontend dev courses on the internet.

5 stars
By Daniel Schindler

Petr brings you all what he promises in the Skrollr courses. It’s hands on and focussed on the important issues of working with Skrollr data-attributes. He comes up with some handy bonus hints as well.

I must confess that I started from his examples earlier and tried to bootstrap it all with Prinzhorn’s documentation from github on my own. Puzzling the data-attributes was so confusing and ended up in a mess.

Looking back now, after completing Petr course, let me wonder how I couldn’t understand Skrollr’s easy logic. Sometimes you just need introductions from a human to create interfaces for humans –thx, Petr.

5 stars
By David Abraham

Amazing course, I was able to create my own Skrollr site in few days after watching it, highly recommend it.

5 stars
By Andoni Tena

If you need to learn to use scrolling animations of different HTML and SVG elements in a professional, clear, direct and also responsive way. This is your only and best option.

After an intensive search about professional front-end video tutorials, I met Petr’s blog and found exactly what I wanted.

The chapters are divided in a concise, well-structured, pleasant and easy to follow.

If you are a demanding front-end developer or even a web designer with basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 who wants to take control over the planification of the next web project. This is the way to go.

5 stars
By Ian Webster

This class is worth doing even if you are not intending to use SVG animations right away. There is so much other content that is genuinely worthwhile.

The class definitely deserves 5 stars. The quantity of content and the pace has left me reeling a little bit. I need a week to let it all sink in and then go through it all again to fully appreciate some of the bits that I might have missed.

Anyone who wants to understand Skrollr should do both the Master class and the Skrollr Workshop. Money well spent!

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